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October 31, 2004



Yes, they should look in the mirror, but it's futile. Look back to the eighties: the Left was very busy making fun of Reagan (they had never had such a stupid president like him) and demonstrating for peace (unilateral disarmement, remember?), but they didn't notice that that stupid president was forcing the Soviet Union down to its knees. Then came 1989, and guess what they found in the archives in Moscow? Pay-rolls....

So they kept quiet during the nineties (they were worried about nationalism and «racism» though). And then Bush got elected. We've never had such a stupid president, they pronounced, and they litterally recycled many of the Reagan cartoons. I remember I was in a museum in Olsztyn, Poland, in 2002, and they had some Reagan cartoons hanging there, and it was really a surrealistic experience. Then 11 September happened, and the war in Afghanistan, and then the build-up to the war in Iraq. Aaaahhhh, the return of the great old days. Anti-war demonstrations, making «fun» of the most stupid American president in the history, how many people do you think were feeling really nostalgic when they came back home from those demonstrations? And remember Galloway, that British MP? Yep, turned out he was on a pay-roll, from Baghdad this time. Sound familiar?

My conclusion? They already had a deep look in the mirror fifteen years ago, but it didn't help. They can take a deep look in the mirror in that museum in Olsztyn any time, if it's still there, but it's not going to help. By the time the war on terror is over, they'll be too busy making fun of yet another stupid president, and demonstrating for peace again.

Sam Miller

Did Bush get Bin Laden?

He had 3 years and 3000 reasons

and he failed us

All he created were more Terrorists where there were very few before.

Former Belgian

Sam Miller:

Thanks for informing me that the people who blew up my erstwhile neighbor, and killed children of several colleagues (all before 9/11), "did" not exist.

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